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red apple


Mundane Elixir(s) – The Foundation (beauty)

Mundane Elixir(s) - The Foundation (beauty)
Personally, my biggest issue is finding the perfect color for my nails.
Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a perfectionist or maybe it’s the need for something just a little bit different!
This is where Deborah Lippman nail polish steps in to save my day.
THE PERFECT elixir for the mundane colors of every nail salon.
Ok, yes, they are on the pricier side of the polish spectrum but realistically speaking,
we’re only talking a couple extra bucks for some kick ass colors.
SO go out and get yourself some Deborah Lippmann goodness!
Peace & Love
– Mundane Elixir(s)

Mundane Elixir(s) – The Closet – 1

Mundane Elixir(s) - The Closet - 1

Diesel white tee


Valentino studded handbag
$1,350 –

Nars cosmetic
$39 –